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The Avengers (2012)

Impressive Cage Scene 19

The following quotes are the direct screenplay transcript of Scene 19, "Impressive Cage", from the film The Avengers.

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  • Nick Fury
    In case it's unclear, if you try to escape, if you so much as scratch that glass,it's 30,000 feet straight down in a steel trap. You get how that works? Ant, boot.
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  • Loki
    It's an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me.
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  • Nick Fury
    Built for something a lot stronger than you.
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  • Loki
    Oh, I've heard. A mindless beast. Makes play he's still a man. How desperate are you, that you call on such lost creatures to defend you?
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  • Nick Fury
    How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war. You steal a force you can't hope to control. You talk about peace, and you kill because it's fun. You have made me very desperate. You might not be glad that you did.
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  • Loki
    It burns you to have come so close. To have the Tesseract, to have power, unlimited power. And for what? A warm light for all mankind to share. And then to be reminded what real power is.
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  • Nick Fury
    Well, let me know if "real power" wants a magazine or something.
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