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The Avengers (2012)

The following is a list of scenes with Samuel L. Jackson in The Avengers. Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of Nick Fury in the film, which was released in 2012.

Scene 2 How Bad is It?
Scene 3 The Tesseract is Misbehaving
Scene 4 Loki's Arrival
Scene 5 Tesseract Lost
Scene 8 War is Won By Soldiers
Scene 9 Man Out of Time
Scene 14 Let's Vanish
Scene 16 A Vintage Set
Scene 18 Basically Gods
Scene 19 Impressive Cage
Scene 20 What's His Play?
Scene 22 Bilge Snipe
Scene 24 You Forced Our Hand
Scene 27 Man Down
Scene 28 Avengers Initiative
Scene 33 Needed the Push
Scene 36 Stupid Ass Decision
Scene 38 Package is Sent
Scene 41 A Promise