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Deadpool (2016)

The following is a list of scenes with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Deadpool (Wade) in the film, which was released in 2016.

Scene 1 It's Christmas Day
Scene 3 12 Bullets
Scene 4 Polverine
Scene 6 Red Suit, Brown Pants
Scene 7 Kitty Litter
Scene 8 Mostly the Money
Scene 9 Patron Saint of the Pitiful
Scene 10 Balls in Holes
Scene 11 Year of the Dog
Scene 12 Between the Holidays
Scene 13 Late-stage Cancer
Scene 14 Hello, Gorgeous
Scene 15 Wham!
Scene 16 Three Shots of Patron
Scene 17 Liam Neeson Nightmare
Scene 18 Big Chrome Cock-Gobbler
Scene 19 Super-Slaves
Scene 21 Disgusting Avocado
Scene 22 Killed By a Zamboni
Scene 23 God I Miss Cocaine
Scene 25 Looks Are Everything
Scene 27 An Old Boyfriend
Scene 28 I Need All the Guns
Scene 30 Fuck, You're Old
Scene 31 Cocoon is Pure Pornography
Scene 32 Never Gonna Dance Again