Captain America: Civil War (2016)

The following is a list of scenes with Chris Evans in Captain America: Civil War. Chris Evans plays the role of Steve Rogers (Captain America) in the film, which was released in 2016.

Scene 2 A Good Target
Scene 3 Fire in the Hole
Scene 4 Payload Secured
Scene 7 People Died and It's On Me
Scene 9 You Don't Give Up
Scene 10 Peggy Carter Funeral
Scene 12 My First Knife Holster
Scene 13 Death is Not the End
Scene 14 People That Shoot at You
Scene 16 You're a Criminal
Scene 18 So You Like Cats?
Scene 19 Bird Costume?
Scene 21 Which Bucky Am I Talking To?
Scene 27 Can you Move Your Seat Up?
Scene 28 I'm On Your Team
Scene 29 How Old Is This Guy?
Scene 31 You Didn't Have a Choice
Scene 35 You Don't Deserve That Shield
Scene 37 Are You Tony Stank?
Scene 38 Let Them Try