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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

The following is a list of scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Click on any scene to view the full transcript of quotes from that scene of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Scene 1 Kill Them All
Scene 2 Finn Removes His Helmet
Scene 3 Rey Meets BB8
Scene 4 The Best Pilot
Scene 5 They'll Be Back
Scene 6 This is a Rescue
Scene 7 I'm Gonna Call You Finn
Scene 8 He Had Help
Scene 9 One of a Kind Droid
Scene 10 They've Been Hit
Scene 11 Finn Saves Poe
Scene 12 Programmed From Birth
Scene 13 Finn Meets Rey
Scene 14 No One Trained You?
Scene 15 What Girl?
Scene 16 Chewie, We're Home
Scene 17 There Has Been an Awakening
Scene 18 I Can Fix That
Scene 19 A Job Offer
Scene 20 Maz's Watering Hole
Scene 21 Show Me, Grandfather
Scene 22 Now It Calls to You
Scene 23 The End of the Republic
Scene 24 They're Here
Scene 25 We Have What We Need
Scene 26 It is I, C3PO
Scene 27 That's My Jacket
Scene 28 Too Much Vader in Him
Scene 29 Get Out of My Head
Scene 30 She Resisted You?
Scene 31 And You'll Drop Your Weapon
Scene 32 It's Another Death Star
Scene 33 Bring Him Home
Scene 34 The More Dangerous She Becomes
Scene 35 Landing at Lightspeed
Scene 36 I'm in Charge Now
Scene 37 Shields Are Down
Scene 38 We Came Back for You
Scene 39 Death of Han Solo
Scene 40 You Need a Teacher
Scene 41 Kylo Escapes
Scene 42 Let's Go Home
Scene 43 Luke is Found