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The Big Lebowski (1998)

The following is a list of scenes from The Big Lebowski.

Click on any scene to view the full transcript of quotes from that scene of The Big Lebowski.

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Scene 1 There Was This Fellah
Scene 2 Ever Thus to Deadbeats
Scene 3 That's Your Name, Dude
Scene 4 Not Literally His Children
Scene 5 I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowksi
Scene 6 Blow On Them
Scene 7 Over the Line
Scene 8 Calmer Than You Are
Scene 9 Tomorrow's Already the Tenth
Scene 10 That's a Bummer, Man
Scene 11 Dios Mio, Man
Scene 12 Her Life is In Your Hands
Scene 13 Let's Take That Hill
Scene 14 Shomer Fucking Shabbas
Scene 15 Separate Incidents?
Scene 16 The Story is Ludicrous
Scene 17 I Got a Rash
Scene 18 The Royal We
Scene 19 Forget About the Fucking Toe
Scene 20 Nice Marmot
Scene 21 They Got Us Working in Shifts
Scene 22 I Need My Fucking Johnson
Scene 23 A Lot of Ins, a Lot of Outs
Scene 24 She Hit Me Right Here
Scene 25 Bulk of the Series
Scene 26 Is This Your Homework?
Scene 27 You're Not Dealing With Morons
Scene 28 Did the Pope Shit in the Woods
Scene 29 Fucking Fascist
Scene 30 I Hate the Fucking Eagles
Scene 31 Speed of Sound Tour
Scene 32 Erev Shabbas
Scene 33 Like an Irish Monk?
Scene 34 Lingonberry Pancakes
Scene 35 From Moses to Sandy Koufax
Scene 36 I'm a Fucking Veteran
Scene 37 Bush League Psycheout Stuff
Scene 38 They Killed My Fucking Car
Scene 40 Goodnight, Sweet Prince
Scene 41 The Dude Abides