Captain America: Civil War Scenes
A Good Target
Fire in the Hole
Payload Secured
I Love You, Dad
BARF Acronym
People Died and It's On Me
Hail Hydra
You Don't Give Up
Peggy Carter Funeral
You Don't Approve?
My First Knife Holster
Death is Not the End
People That Shoot at You
I Brought Breakfast
You're a Criminal
For People To See You
So You Like Cats?
Bird Costume?
His Little Face
Which Bucky Am I Talking To?
If We Had a Hulk
It's Pretty Well Funded
I Got Homework
Disappointing My Kids
Move Or You Will Be Moved
Can you Move Your Seat Up?
I'm On Your Team
How Old Is This Guy?
Black Coffee Again
You Didn't Have a Choice
Steve Won't Stop
I'm Picturing a Red Head
The Futurist Is Here
You Don't Deserve That Shield
Your Scheme Failed
Are You Tony Stank?
Let Them Try
His Friend Was Huge