The Avengers Scenes
Opening Narration
How Bad is It?
The Tesseract is Misbehaving
Loki's Arrival
Tesseract Lost
Natasha's Interrogation
The Big Guy
War is Won By Soldiers
Man Out of Time
Tony and Pepper
A Little Old Fashioned
Loki's Bargain
Trading Cards
Let's Vanish
No Shortage of Enemies
A Vintage Set
Always Men Like You
Basically Gods
Impressive Cage
What's His Play?
Tensions Rise
Bilge Snipe
Red in My Ledger
You Forced Our Hand
You're Not Wrong
Not Your Enemies
Man Down
Avengers Initiative
Are You an Alien?
Cognitive Recalibration
A Good Man
Time to Go
Needed the Push
Too Late
It's Gonna Be Fun
Stupid Ass Decision
Puny God
Package is Sent
We Won
The News
A Promise
They Stand